Black Myth Wukong release date, trailers, and gameplay

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If yes, you might be waiting for Black Myth Wukong. Journey to the West was a classic 16th-century Chinese novel adapted into numerous TV shows, movies, and games over the past ten years. The monkey that plays the leading role in this game exactly resembles Sun Wukong from the novel. It is no ordinary monkey but a creature with immense powers and abilities.

Game has been in active development for quite some time, but gamers have only seen one significant update a year. It is an RPG game, and this gameplay footage contains some hidden information. So we can get a good idea of the game’s story, characters, and techniques that the Destined One can use.

Black Myth Wukong release date

Game Science, the creator of Black Myth Wukong, has released its release date and officially confirmed that the game will be released on August 20, 2024. The game will be available on Steam and the Epic Game Store on PC in addition to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and XS consoles.

The news of the release first came when the Game Awards 2023 were happening on Steam. It was here that the release date of Black Myth Wukong was revealed for the first time, as was the English dub. In it, we see many monsters that Destined One fights, but gamers have not gotten any new gameplay information this time compared to the earlier snippets. The first hint of a summer 2024 release came during a teaser video for Black Myth Wukong, which coincides with the celebration of Chinese New Year 2023. The video of the game is mostly in stop motion, showing rabbits playing, and the teaser ends with a calendar revealing the date.

Black Myth Wukong Gameplay

Most of the gameplay trailers viewers have seen so far offer very little insight into the mechanics. We’ve seen that the protagonist uses his golden cudgel-shaped staff as a weapon and can stun enemies, transform himself into a cicada and a bat, and cast multifarious tricky spells to distract them. The game’s second gameplay trailer, posted to YouTube in 2021, shows off some more of the game’s mechanics, including a protective ring of fire surrounding the Destined One as he drinks a tonic to heal himself. In a battle against a white dragon, the protagonist, Monkey, raises his ax and stands above the dragon, avoiding a deadly lightning attack that spreads across the area.

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