How to get acid lab gta 5

Hello, GTA Lovers. I hope you are also excited, like me. How to Get an Acid Lab GTA 5 is a question that has been confusing for gamers for many years, and game fans have sent their feedback to GTA makers regarding this. So, friends, as you know, Rockstar Games continuously adds new features and content to GTA 5, and if you have noticed, since 2013, the makers have been constantly bringing something new to GTA.

Always after some time, something new gets unlocked in the game. Similarly, recently, there is a new business named Drug Wars in the DLC about which a guide will tell the fans of the game. Here, players will be able to learn how to get Acid Lab GTA 5, and along with this, they will also know how to solve some problems that come in the game.

how to get Acid Lab GTA 5 online

Friends, if you are a GTA fan like me, you will know that after completing dozens of bank robberies and missions in GTA 5, players often want to have fun and enjoy themselves. The game also gives you this opportunity and provides gamers with many exciting and entertaining activities. One of these is Acid Lab. How to get Acid Lab GTA 5: By coming here, you get a chance to unlock it, and gamers can have a good time here and earn good money. Starting an acid lab is a bit different from other businesses because it is hard for gamers to get into. So, if gamers or players are facing some challenges, our guide below will be helpful for them.

How to unlock Acid Lab GTA 5

To solve how to get Acid Lab GTA 5, the player has to unlock the lab, and in turn, the player has to complete 6 First Dose Dax Contact missions for this:

  • The first mission the player needs to complete is called ‘Mission Troop’, and its location is indicated in the screenshot above.
  • Once the player completes the ‘Welcome to the Troop Mission”, they find D (Dax) on the map.
  • After this, the player needs to go there to complete the following five missions:
  1. Designated Driver
  2. Fatal Incursion
  3. Uncontrolled Substance
  4. Make war, not love.
  5. Off the Rails
  • In the Off the Rails mission, the player has to steal a Bikrad 6X6.
  • Next, the player must set up the acid lab equipment. To help accomplish this, you can view the setup on the map, choose one of the 3 locations marked as Acid Lab Equipment on the map, and then complete the four mini-missions.
  • The player must then head to the Freak Shop and upgrade the brick-built 6X6 to the Acid Lab version.
  • The upgrade version costs the player 750k, but it quickly recovers the amount spent in business. Remember that this upgrade version is free for GTA+ and GTA Premium Edition owners.

How to fix issues with Acid Lab GTA 5

While playing Acid Lab, some gamers have reported issues in the initial stages of Acid Lab in GTA 5. Sometimes, it does not start, the screen gets stuck, and sometimes the game does not progress. To solve this, gamers must do only one thing: change the spawn point to Freak Shop.

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