Celebrities who smoke cigarettes

Celebrities who smoke cigarettes

Friends, if you are an American, you must be a fan of film and TV celebrities. But do you know those celebrities who smoke cigarettes? In this article, you will get shocking information that will make you realize that you do not know utterly about your favorite celebrity because some celebrities are chain smokers. Here we are going to discuss about some such Hollywood and TV stars:

Celebrities who smoke cigarettes?

Kate Winslet

Actress Kate Winslet, who became famous in films like Titanic, is fond of smoking cigarettes. She admits that I make my own cigarettes. Her close friends say that when Kate was 19. She started smoking cigarettes during her film Sense and Sensibility. In 2008, Kate made a statement that she now has a rule regarding cigarettes. And that rule is that I never smoke in front of my children. I’ve been a heavy smoker for a decade, but after having kids, I’ve been steadily kicking the habit. And I don’t smoke cigarettes at home. But when I wake up and go to my garden or terrace, I smoke a cigarette with my morning coffee. But how true his statement is cannot be confirmed because his photo went viral in recent days. In which she is with her child and smoking a cigarette.

Zayn Malik

Zain Malik, a famous star singer and the crush of female audiences around the world, including America, has also been seen smoking cigarettes many times. However, his fans have requested him to quit smoking on different social media platforms. Zayn Malik is a chain smoker, and he loves smoking so much that he got a tattoo on his hand in which a woman’s lips and smoke can be seen coming out of those lips. Zayn Malik also posted a smoking selfie on his Instagram handle some time ago.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Whenever the name of Iron Man series actress Gwyneth Paltrow comes to mind, a woman with a simple face and a healthy lifestyle comes to mind. A woman who lives a simple life despite living in the world of glamor. But this actress has also admitted that earlier, she too was addicted to smoking cigarettes. Today, even though Gwyneth is the mother of two children, remembering her past, she says that no one could stop her from smoking for a week. I used to set aside a specialized time every Saturday night to smoke and smoke to my heart’s content. But in the year 2017, the actress said that she had quit smoking with the help of vaping device. However, people have different opinions about smoking at award ceremonies, movie premieres, or parties.

Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby, presenter of the famous TV talk show This Morning, is a well-known name and has been seen smoking at many places. She is the mother of three children, but she has been smoking cigarettes in many spots in the media. Whenever she has been asked questions about smoking, she has not given any answer, and pictures of her smoking can be seen in the publishing. There is speculation about whether he will quit smoking or not.

Miley Cyrus

Every day, the media spots famous singer and actress Miley Cyrus roaming around with a cigarette. Miley Cyrus doesn’t dare to admit that she is a chain smoker as well as a marijuana drug. You can guess about Miley’s smoking from the fact that she also had vocal cord surgery in the year 2020. Talking about this, Miley said- After the surgery, I no longer smoke. I have given it up. Surgery opened my eyes, and I have learned a lot from the past. However, only time will tell how accurate Miley is to her statement.

Jessica Alba

Who does not know Hollywood actress Jessica Alba? Jessica, a mother of three, has been captured by the media several times smoking a cigarette. After becoming pregnant, she took the help of fags to reduce her increasing weight. Jessica’s close friend has stated to the media that these days, she is constantly resorting to smoking to control her appetite. Whenever Jessica feels any depression or pressure, she smokes a lot.

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley is the only Hollywood star who has been seen smoking cigarettes in public places several times. She admitted that she smokes more offscreen than she does on screen. Perhaps this is why a Hollywood actress can often be seen smoking a cigarette among the people with a guitar hanging on her shoulder. It would not be wrong if Keira is called a chain smoker.

If you also have a desire to know which celebrities smoke cigarettes. If you also have a desire to know which celebrities smoke cigarettes. We will bring you the latest updates about it. Till then, stay connected to theusupdates.com.

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