Will LeBron’s son, Bronny James, make NBA history?

Hello friends, I hope you are energetic. has received information from exclusive sources that Bronny James, the eldest son of four-time NBA champion LeBron James, has been drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron James has been playing for this team since 2018. If LeBron and Bronny James take the court together for the Los Angeles Lakers, this may be the first father-son duo to do so in NBA history. By the way, fans and media alike are seeing it as a ‘heart-touching father-son sports story’. Apart from this, some media and basketball fans feel that Bronny is getting caught in the trap of Nepo Baby.

LeBron James: A Legacy in the NBA

Giving information about this historic moment in the NBA, NBA reporter Jovan Buha for The Athletic says that this story is old because Lebron James’ name has been included among the greatest NBA players of all time. We talk about him, and he is one of the greatest athletes ever in history. When we look at his career and age, the fact that he is entering his 22nd NBA season despite being almost 40 years old is amazing. Speculating whether he will play or not, you can be sure to play with his son. This is truly a historic moment.

Bronny James and the NBA Draft Controversy

Before Bronny James’ cardiac arrest, he was projected as a first-round pick in this NBA draft, and when people or the media make nepotism claims and say that he was drafted only because of his father as the Los Angeles Lakers were trying to please LeBron, it sounds ridiculous and also seems like a snide comment. But the truth is that Bronny James was one of the NBA’s first-round prospects before this.

Jovan Buha further said: Of course, Bronny James’ father has played an important role in his career, and no one can ignore it. Now, people also do not want to focus on the negative side of this father-son story but are seeing its bright side.

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