Is Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul a media stunt?

Hello friends, I hope you are doing well. News has spread everywhere like wildfire Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul that there is going to be a fierce fight between boxing legend Mike Tyson and American YouTuber and actor Jack Paul, and its tickets have also started selling. Ever since this news came, the media around the world wants to cover this incident, and different reactions have come to this news from everywhere in the media, but is this really going to happen?

Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul

Don’t be surprised; yes, the news is being discussed everywhere and the event for which you want to buy tickets or cover this fight may be a media stunt and nothing else. The US Update’s sources have reported that the news of the fight between Mike Tyson and Jack Paul may just be a means of gaining attention. Although this has not been confirmed yet, we must make you aware of the truth so that you do not lose your money to fraud in the name of tickets.

When is Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul?

Ever since the announcement of this event, a question has been asked: When is the fight?. The answer is that the dates have also been announced, and the tickets have also been distributed and are still being distributed in black.

The ticket mafia is selling tickets at double prices, but be careful because the event for which you are going wild may turn out to be just a show and nothing else. However, the date of this event has been set for Saturday, July 20, 2024. Apart from this, if you have a paid subscription to Netflix, watch the live telecast of this fight event. 

Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul date

Regarding the fight date, as we have told you above, this event will take place on July 20, 2024. Most Valuable Promotions says the fight will be at AT&T Stadium in July. The fight is guaranteed to draw the highest rate of any other fight event in Texas history after just one day of ticket sales for organizers.

Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul rules

According to ESPN, the channel covering Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul’s full fight, knockouts will be allowed in eight two-minute rounds. No headgear will be worn, and 14-ounce gloves will be used among the fighters. So this will not be a walk-in-the-park exhibition but a real fighting competition.

Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul, full fight

Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul’s complete fight is shaping up to be a real fight event. Netflix has dipped into the fight game for the first time to host a bizarre boxing crossover. Jack Paul is 27 years old, while boxing legend Mike Tyson is 57 years old. Millions of people are attending this exhibition boxing match at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on July 20. 

Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul tickets

Tickets went on sale on May 16 on Seatgeek. Tickets available are still aat the cheapest rates, starting at $70. But there are other platforms available to purchase tickets as well. Here, we are giving you information about all of them:

  • Vivid Seats: Another place to get tickets at affordable prices is Vivid Seats, with tickets starting at $77. You can use our special promo code RS2024 when you check out to get $20 off your ticket purchase on your first-time ticket order over $200.
  • Game time: friends, the cheapest tickets are also available on Gametime. Their price is $80. If you’re looking to sit closer to the ring, GameTime has the best prices on floor seats right now, starting at $590. Well, the cheapest tickets cost $80. If you’re looking to sit closer to the ring, GameTime still has the best prices available on seats, starting at $590.
  • Stubhub: Stubhub is one of fans’ favorite places to get tickets online, and you can currently get tickets to the show for just $83. There is also a lot of competition regarding the prices of 100- and 200-tier seats.

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