Who is Jason Tatum’s girlfriend? What is R&B star Ella Mai’s relationship with this Celtics star?

NBA is such a big game in the world that the name of Celtics star Jayson Tatum holds great importance in it. As the best player on one of the most famous basketball teams, the Celtics, Jayson Tatum remains in the headlines these days. Jason Tatum’s brilliant game attracted the most attention from the media and fans in his career, but nowadays, instead of his game, he is in the media due to the discussions about his personal life and his alleged girlfriend. Jason Tatum’s romantic style is also making headlines among his fans and people. He is being linked with R&B Ella Mai.

After all, who is Jason Tatum’s girlfriend?

There is discussion everywhere, and it is believed that Jason Tatum’s current girlfriend is singer Ella Mai, a worldwide celebrity. The biggest thing is that Ella Mae and Jason Tatum are from the field of art, while Tatum is from the sports field. The reason the news is going viral now is that the media and fans want to know the chemistry between them. Where did these two meet, how did they meet, who proposed first, or is there some other connection?. This is happening because both are from different fields.

R&B star Ella Mai

Let us tell you that Aila Mai released two tracks in 2018—”Bood  Up” and “Rip”—to become famous and appreciated worldwide. Ella Mai is originally from London and grew up listening to rap songs by Alicia Keys and rap icon Missy Elliott. Its name itself was inspired by the world of music. Her parents named her Ella Mae after Ella Fitzgerald, a famous jazz singer.

Early Relationship and Public Appearance

If reports are to be believed, it is believed that Jason Tatum and Ella Mai started dating around 2020. Their first public appearance was in 2022 when both attended Michael Rubin’s annual Fourth of July white party. But after that, to date, very little information has been available to the media about the relationship between Jason Tatum and Ella Mae. 

Media Silence and Private Relationship

However, before this, both of them were last captured by the cameraman at the wedding of Marcus Smart. If this is any indication, the couple’s relationship seems to be going from strength to strength. As already mentioned, whenever both of them are asked about their personal lives and relationships, both Jason Tatum and Ella Mai maintain silence and keep their love lives very low profile, hence Till date, the media has not found much about their relationship with each other, nor have they ever tried to say anything.

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